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Project Proposal

The Project Proposal should provide a compelling case for a project and includes:

  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT – This narrative overview should include the goals of the project, needs addressed, a description of the proposed service area, community partners, stakeholders involved, and the intended impact.  
  • PUBLIC PROPOSED SERVICE AREA MAP – For the proposed service area including detail for the proposed service locations.  
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERS, ROLES & LETTERS OF COMMITMENT – Applicants will be asked to provide a list of partners involved, along with a description of their role. 
  • JUSTIFICATION FOR THE PROJECT – Applicants must provide evidence of how the project will address the compelling need, provide economic and community impact, and meet overall program requirements including directly enabling work, education, and health-monitoring.  Project must also address a critical need that resulted from or was made apparent or exacerbated by the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • ADOPTION, AFFORDABILITY AND DIGITAL INCLUSION EFFORTS – Adoption is a key aspect of the success of these projects.  Applicants will be asked to describe activities planned to increase adoption awareness.  Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate the affordability of the products and services within the proposed service area and how this will address current barriers to broadband access in their project proposal.  Applicants are required to participate in ACP.