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Application Process

Register to Apply

Potential applicants should register to apply, this step takes only a few minutes and is intended for communication purposes and capacity planning for the grant administration process. It does not eliminate potential grantees from applying should the deadline be missed, nor does it commit an applicant to apply.

Public Comment

To ensure transparency and the best use of taxpayer funds, the application and selection process will include a two-week public comment period followed by a two-week applicant response period. This period is intended to provide an opportunity for providers, elected officials, and constituents to either express support or to inform BEAM of any issues or concerns with an application or its proposed service area. All comments collected during the public comment period are subject to public disclosure, except for the specific location of infrastructure assets deemed “proprietary.”

Application Open 

The application information allows potential applicants to begin formulating a response to the grant opportunity.  The application window will be open for four weeks.  After initial applications have been reviewed and grant funds awarded, if additional funds are available then a new round of application period will be implemented.  
BEAM reserves the right to modify the program guidelines as needed to generate an adequate number of viable projects.  
The application contains three primary sections:

  • Project Proposal
  • Technical Project Plan
  • Project Budget

The submission will include documents designated for public posting during a public comment period. 
If there are multiple applications that cover the same service area, BEAM will select the project that provides the greatest benefit to Mississippi.

Grant Evaluation

To apply for the grant award, applicants are invited to submit information on the online portal. This information will then be reviewed by an executive committee. This process will evaluate the project proposal, the technical project plan, and the proposed budget. Business, economic, and community development professionals and technical experts will be enlisted to review project submissions.